8 Foods, 8 Weeks to Reverse Heart Disease

prevent a second heart attack

“We are indeed much more that what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.”    – Adelle Davis, pioneer nutritionist and author

I’m often approached about reviewing cookbooks and for the most part accept without hesitation. After all, if you’re a chef or just love to cook, reading through recipes is a guilty pleasure unlike any other. But reading about heart disease? Not as much of a pleasure. And I thought about not reading this one.

Then it occurred to me that as blessed as I’ve been not to have heart disease touch my life, it’s quite likely that it’s touched many of yours. And how wonderful it would be if someone who receives this book could actually prevent themselves or a loved one from losing their lives. Or at the very least, understand how to improve their health. That’s something that everyone can benefit from.

And the surprising thing is that I really enjoyed the read. It’s written in a way that made me feel as if the author, Janet Bond Brill, Ph.D,R.D.,LDN, is a doctor friend who enjoys sharing her heart-health knowledge. And it’s a bonus to understand why the food we put into our bodies makes such a difference to our heart.

My favorite part of the book is the meal plan, checklist and recipes. There are some really delicious sounding recipes, such as Shallow-Poached Salmon with Fennel & Saffron. Or how about Shrimp with Artichoke-Garlic Sauce? And let’s finish that off with Dark Chocolate Brownies with Walnuts! Yes, please!

Speaking of walnuts, here’s an interesting article written by the author:

Now for the good stuff! I’m giving away two copies of this book to two lucky readers! To enter, simply leave a comment below making sure to leave your email address. Please note: The publisher will ship to the US only. The contest will end Monday, Feb 28th 2011, midnight EST.

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You can also visit Prevent a Second Heart Attack if you’d like more information.

Cheers to good health!


  1. Deborah R says

    I didn't realize that walnuts were so important for a healthy heart. I have a black walnut tree in my yard! Time to stop leaving them (since they're almost impossible to shell) for the squirrels and deer!

  2. Anonymous says

    I like you on Facebook (I posted without logging in the first time so my mandantory entry is posted under Deborah R – same e-mail).

  3. Tricia says

    This sounds like a great book! I just found you this weekend thru the Circle of Mom contest for food bloggers so I am a newbie to your blog. love it though! This sounds like a great book! As many others are struggling to I am sure to eat healthy for the right reasons this hits home! I was diagnosed with high blood pressure last year at the age of 39. IT was a shocker but it seems hereditary versus anything else. Would love to have a chance to read about foods that could help stave off heart attacks and other heart issues.
    My email address is lostallmarbles@yahoo.com (I am a working mom with 2 boys 8 and 10 so hence the lost all marbles!)

    • says

      Glad you stopped by, Tricia! I've been trying to consciously eat healthier, too; it's so important to overall quality of life. LOVE your email address!!

  4. Susan (suZen) says

    Hi Kristy! This is fabulous – I'd LOVE that book! I'm not a tweeter but put you on "like" on f/b – at least I think I did it right. I am doing nutritional counseling so this book would fit right in! Information like this is a must-have for us all to start waking up and controlling our health and wellness! BTW, I've got the bean/sausage stew in the crock pot at this very moment! Thanks, as always for fabulous recipes! I know I don't comment often, but I'm here reading! :) Stop by my site one of these days and see all the changes. has been over-laid on erasingthebored.

    • says

      SuZen!! Girl, I was thinking about you just the other day! So glad to see you here again; I've missed you! Heading over to check out your new site. :-)

  5. says

    Doggonit! Did my post arrive where it's supposed to? Had some sort of FB signon snafu and am now lost in cyberspace! Anyway, good on you for reviewing this book. Gonna find some copies for my seriously heart-diseased family.

  6. Deb_Wilkie says

    Just found you through another site which was recommended by Laura's Best Recipes, and am SO glad I did! As much as I love ooey-gooey desserts, and over-the-top creamy, cheesy pastas, certain events in my family are causing me to have to cut back on those things, but it's hard to find the good-for-you things that still have flavor! I'll be adding The Wicked Noodle to my daily FB perusals, for sure!

  7. Sonya3214 says

    Sounds like a wonderful book to have. A good friend of mine just celebrated his one year anniversary after surviving a heart attack at age 44. Thank you for shring this information with us!

  8. Chris says

    Interesting book. My family is very much prone to heart disease, it seems to run in our genes. My grandfathers (on both sides of my family) have had heart attacks; and one even died from it some years ago. The condition radiates in my father, who is currently keeping it in check but it is always looming. While sometimes fighting it can do little, keeping a good diet and staying active and healthy can really help counteract it. This sounds like an interesting book that can be useful for a lot of people, both in terms of food and in terms of being aware of the health condition.

  9. says

    I can vouch for the whole concept…because I cured my own heart disease after reading Dean Ornish’s “Eat More Weigh Less”…the concept is the same but the basic premise is amazing…

    That the body can repair itself, if we merely get out of the body’s way and allow it to heal.

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