asparagus, goat cheese & bacon tart

puff pastry tart

This morning I picked up where I’d left off with my grateful walks. I’d been forced to stop them because I had a week and a half of being sick…ugh. It was one of those colds that seemed to go on for – e – ver….  I’m still not certain it was smart to begin again already, but I knew that my mental state really needed to get back on track (plus I have that 5k on July 4th that I need to be ready for)! It’s amazing how just after seven little days of not walking, not being out in the fresh air, not being able to clear my head or spend some time focusing on what’s important in my life, how much my mental state had changed for the worse. It’s wasn’t anything that would have been apparent if you’d run into me somewhere; I was still smiling and acting like my usual self. It was more an internal shadow that I’m beginning to get accustomed to being without. And I really like being without!

When I first got out there, and I was listening to Tony instructing me to “think of all the things I’m grateful for”, I just couldn’t get there. Yes, I’m grateful for Alan, the girls, my parents, my job, my friends…etc. etc. I just couldn’t get the feelings to go along with the words.

So I just kept walking until it all synced up.

And, sure enough, by the time my walk was over, that now familiar feeling of gratitude, motivation and capability that I’m getting sooo addicted to was back!

A shower, a few hours of work along with some grocery shopping and it was already time for lunch! Katie looooves goat cheese so I whipped up this easy tart for us for lunch. Honestly, the toughest part was frying the bacon. I added a small salad to mine since it’s really not that good for you, but all you need is a small wedge since it’s so flavorful! I love to bake savory tarts when I have just a few guests over because a little goes a long way. This particular tart goes really well with a crisp, cold glass of white wine. I have some left over and I also have some white wine, so guess what we’ll be doing on the deck tonight? It’s FRIDAY – and I can’t wait!!

goat cheese tart

asparagus tart