bake some love

heart cheesecakes

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Bake Some Love.

I just love that saying! It immediately makes me think of my girls and me baking together in the kitchen, something they love to do.

I put them in charge of this recipe. My only instructions were that it had to be both a dessert and use chocolate chips in some way, whether baked into the dessert or used as a decoration. The girls thought about it over the course of a few days then announced that they wanted to make a cheesecake “because Daddy loves cheesecake”.

I can’t think of any way you could bake more love than that.

This is your run-of-the-mill cheesecake recipe but we used chocolate graham crackers for the crust and melted chocolate chips on the top in the shape of a heart. Any shape would work though – a pumpkin with orange sprinkles in the center would be great for Halloween, or a tree or wreath for Christmas.

What I love most about these cheesecakes is that the girls did it almost entirely themselves. Sure, they filled the pans too high so we only got three instead of four. Yes, they’re slightly misshapen. No, the hearts weren’t shaped exactly right.

Which made them absolutely perfect.