baked egg crepes


baked egg crepes

My cousin Britt sent me a message on Facebook a couple of weeks ago:

“Found this on pinterest, thought I’d share, knowing your breakfast obsession.”

Breakfast obsession?!

Oh, if only my obsession were limited to just breakfast!

The woman does know my tastes, though, and she was right that I would love this recipe. I still had some crepes leftover from my Roasted Veggie Crepe Stacks with Creamy Goat Cheese Sauce and this was  a great way to use them up.

It wasn’t entirely easy street, though. My crepes didn’t “stick to the egg whites like glue” as is described in the original recipe; I had to use toothpicks to get mine to stay in place. Not a deal breaker, though, and I suspect that my crepes were much thicker than her homemade ones, making them more difficult to tame.

breakfast crepes

The end result was worth it, though. I skipped the ham and opted for a spicy sausage instead which was a nice contrast to the sweet crepe. These would be fun for a brunch where everyone could add their own toppings!

Here’s the original recipe for Ham & Egg Crepe Squares. I’m sure salty ham would be great, but here’s my version in case you’re in the mood for spicy sausage, too!

More delicious breakfast recipes:


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  1. says

    I think I have those pinned! They’re so beautiful. And my love for sunny side up eggs knows no bounds…I’m actually making Eggs Florentine for dinner tonight :D

  2. says

    Oh no, wait…I just remembered – I have this recipe ripped out of my Everyday Food magazine. It’s been on my do-to list. Along with the other hundreds, right?!

  3. Britt says

    They look yummy! Glad you liked it. I wanna try a mexican version with bacon, green chilis, salsa and eggs. I just need to get my butt in gear and make some crepes.

  4. Joan Nova says

    This looks really great. I love little packages of food. I guess because I share your obsession…totally agree it goes beyond breakfast!

  5. says

    This is gorgeous! This looks like fancy company visiting from out of town breakfast. :) I’m a big fan of eggs. Happy to have a new idea for using them.

  6. Zinedine says

    I just love eggs. Eggs and onions together for me are just awesome. My family hates me sometimes I put so much that whole house smells :-)

  7. says

    Very well done! I just wonder if I attempted this… would the presentation look as nice or would the egg explode all over the place and make a big goopey mess? lol

  8. facebook_Alex_Nmenski.647823193 says

    These look great! I just want to poke that egg so the yolk spreads over the inside and then I just want to dig in and eat lol. Very nicely wrapped and presented. I don’t know if I could pull this off or not!

  9. says

    Omg…I made this same recipe a few weeks ago and blogged it…it was SO good! I saw the one floating around on Pinterest and googled it, I got my recipe from Martha Stewart’s website (not sure if that’s where it originated?). Either way, I love this breakfast :)


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