Baked Hasselback Potatoes

baked hasselback potatoes recipe

I wasn’t planning on making hasselback potatoes this week.

My plan for this week was to enjoy being home with my girls, relaxing by the pool and doing some fun baking and crafts with them. No running around, nowhere we have to be, nothing in particular we have to do.

But suddenly I had a client – a web design client. Which was actually perfect timing because for the first time in a long time, I had, well…time. And I’ve been dying to get some more clients for this area of my “business”, so I was pretty excited!

It’s been a loooong couple of days (especially since I still made time to fit in the pool; couldn’t desert the girls entirely!), but I’m almost done with the site; just some tweaks and fixes here and there to iron out. And so, I can now return to our regularly scheduled recipe programming!

This is another recipe from our Five Ingredient Dinner Party! I love making these…they’re buttery with a slight crunch and they look pretty cool, too. Be careful when you’re cutting them not to go all the way through the potato or you’ll just end up with sliced potatoes! But if that happens, just toss the potatoes in the pan and cook them anyway! :-)

Happy Friday!


  1. Liz says

    Hey, Kristy,

    I have another recipe that uses potatoes cut this way (but not as yummy as these sound). In order to keep from slicing all the way through the potatoes, that recipe recommends putting a chopstick on either side of the potato to stope your knife. No chopsticks? I've used wooden spoons or spatulas instead. YUMMY!


  2. Omeghan says

    I make these hasselbacks all of the time. No more time than other styles of potatoes. Just butter / oil and roast! They add that certain *ahhhhhhhhh* to presentation and are so yummy and crispy. I have used handles of kitchen cutlery when slicing the potatoes. I am also going to try and egg slicer and a chop stick, on par boiled tiny taters and see if that works too !

  3. says

    I've never made hasselbacks, but these look amazing. I have all the necessary ingredients and suspect I'll be trying this, soon.

    I enjoyed surfing your blog; the pictures are gorgeous and the recipes are neat.


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