balsamic vinaigrette salad

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With all the cooking that I do, most of the time it’s the simple things that I love the most. This balsamic vinaigrette salad is one of my easy favorites that I typically make at least once a week. I rarely purchase premade salad dressings (with the exception of Annie’s Shitake & Sesame Dressing…holy cow that’s a good one) because they’re so easy to make at home and the taste is just so much better.

I love this balsamic vinaigrette salad because it can be an easy side or a main dish by adding some quick grilled chicken. And the dressing itself is a tad on the sweet side so my girls gobble it up like it’s a dessert. And I’m typically not a huge salad eater but this one just rocks my world!

If you’re a blue cheese lover, definitely add some crumbles to it. And cherry tomatoes are perfect here, too, along with some thinly sliced red onion. But the options are endless – just add your favorites and make it your own!