Barbie Doll Cake

This Barbie Doll Cake is so much easier to make than you might think. This version uses a Mermaid Barbie and small mermaid dolls for mini-cakes, too!

This easy and adorable Barbie Doll Cake uses a mermaid Barbie with tiny mermaid dolls for mini-cakes, too!

We celebrated my daughter’s third birthday this past Sunday, and like every other parent I know, I’m flabbergasted by how quickly the time slips away.  This is the first year she had any sort of clue as to what a birthday was, which of course makes it so much more fun!  She’s very into mermaids, so I knew I was going to have to make some type of mermaid Barbie Doll Cake for her.  I’m not a fancy cake baker – much too fussy – and since we usually turn our “kids” parties into a big barbecue for entire families, I confess that I usually just buy the big Costco cake so I can focus on the other food.  That couldn’t happen this year, though.  Here’s why…

A few months ago I purchased some “stars” that glow in the dark and hung a zillion of them on both of my daughter’s ceilings.  The first night they were so excited that they were sleeping under the stars!  So…all four of us laid on our backs and one by one, we made our wishes.  Of course, the girls wanted to do the same thing the next night, and the next, and the next…so now it’s part of our routine, which isn’t so bad if you ask me!  Katie, the now 3-yr-old, has had the same wish every single night – to “play with my mermaids to my birthday” – awwwww.  Such a cutie! I knew a mermaid Barbie Doll Cake had to happen.

I was really happy with how this Barbie Doll Cake turned out, especially since this was my first attempt at any kind of “kid” cake.  The process was crazy easy!  Just bake your favorite cake in an oven proof bowl, then turn it over for the dress.  Wrap the bottom half of a barbie or other doll in saran wrap (cut out a bit of the cake to make it easier) and pop it in the cake.  Frost and decorate!  Easy peasy, but sooo worth it to see little faces light up!

I also made individual cakes for her friends – each child got their own mini mermaid Barbie Doll Cake! I found some small mermaid dolls at the dollar store and used oven-safe mini-bowls to make their cakes. I picked up some fake flowers at Michael’s to help decorate the “dresses” although I’m sure that some edible flowers would be gorgeous, too.

This easy and adorable Barbie Doll Cake uses a mermaid Barbie with tiny mermaid dolls for mini-cakes, too!


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    Those are so cute I wouldn't want to eat them! I love the wishes under the stars every night – great tradition and I'm sure it will remain in their hearts one of the very best memories of childhood! Bravo!

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