Beer & Chipotle Fish Taco Bites

fish tacos

As promised, here’s my recipe for battered fish tacos!

These are fun to put together. They have smoky spice from the chipotle peppers, great texture from the cabbage and tortillas and the pico de gallo is fresh and cool. Perfect for a platter at a summer soiree!

I made these tacos with Alaskan Cod as my second entry to the blogger challenge sponsored by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. If I win the grand prize I’ll get to go see my sister in Alaska!

Hot tip: Use your fondue pot to deep fry! My pot has a temperature setting, so I just set it to desired temp and fry away! The downside is that it’s a small pot, but since I rarely deep-fry and we’re a small family, it works great for us.

fish taco bites





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