beet and mandarin orange salad

beet and mandarin orange salad

Last week I spent a few days in sunny California visiting with the friendly folks from DOLE Foods. It was a fantastic trip with an even better group of bloggers-turned-friends. I promise to tell you all about it but, in the meantime, I really want to share this delicious beet and mandarin orange salad with you!

One of the coolest things we did while there was taste-test some of their recipes that use their products in ways you might not normally think to use them. This was one of my favorites – tons of flavor with lots of healthy goodness! And I would never think to add quinoa to a lettuce salad, what a clever way to work it into your diet. The orange flower water in the recipe might throw you since it’s not a common ingredient but it’s worth picking some up (Amazon carries it and I believe World Market does, too). If you’re concerned you won’t use it more than once (even though I know you’ll make this recipe again and again!), just do a quick Google search, there are a lot of recipes out there. I found a few just on BonAppetit‘s site.

This beet and mandarin orange salad would be perfect for a spring lunch or brunch. I made mine for a light dinner, too – it’s more filling than you’d think!

beet and mandarin orange salad


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    I just happen to have some orange flower water in my fridge right now. ;-) So I’m good to go on this (I always add a bit when I make homemade grenadine, among other things). Nice salad, and so right for the season: I’m craving salads these days. Good stuff — thanks.

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    This salad was SO good… minus the goat cheese. ;) Orange flower water was new to me during this trip, but I’m anxious to get some into my kitchen now! So fun meeting you, Kristy. Hoping we get to hang again!!


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