{blogging ideas} How to Pick a Giveaway Winner

If you have a blog and you hold giveaways, you know how frustrating it can be to pick a giveaway winner. In the past I’ve used random.org, but this meant I was counting one by one to arrive at my winner. Plus I’m so Type A that I would count three or four times to make sure I had the right winner. Once I felt comfortable that my counting skills were accurate I’d attempt to contact said winner. And either they hadn’t left an email address or any other way to contact them – resulting in the entire process starting over again – or their email {presumably} went into their spam account and, after waiting at least a week and sending several more emails, I’d be back to square one anyway.

I tried using Rafflecopter but I found that I didn’t care much for it. I was really excited when I first discovered it and immediately used it for this giveaway. But it felt clunky, readers weren’t sure how to enter (I assume) which resulted in far less entries than normal. The only benefit that I could see was how easy it was to pick a giveaway winner, and even that wasn’t enough of a positive to outweigh the negative.

So now I’m using the “Pick a Giveaway Winner” wordpress plugin and I couldn’t be happier. It does exactly what it says it will do, plus provides the winner’s contact information immediately. No more sifting through comments searching for names, counting comments again and again to make sure the right person has been chosen. It’s just a couple of choices and you’re done.

pick giveaway winner pluginI love that you can tell the plugin how many winners there are and disqualify duplicate entries if necessary. I used it to choose the winners from my Ile de France cheese basket giveaway and it turned what could have been 20 minutes or more into more like five. My kind of plugin!

Bloggers, how you choose your giveaway winners?