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I’m at the Phoenix airport, about to head home from a fabulous three days in Scottsdale. Before my trip, I knew pretty much nothing about German-based company BOSCH. The first time I’d even heard of them was when I was asked to attend their BOSCH Kitchen Re-Engineered Event, a three-day whirlwind trip to Scottsdale where we’d drink great wine, eat a lot of fabulous food and learn all there is to learn about BOSCH and their history, their appliances and the reasons behind all those awards.

I love attending these blogger events; it’s one of the best perks about being a blogger. I *almost* didn’t  attend this one just because I’d never heard of the company and wasn’t certain there would be enough payoff. I’m glad I did, though, because as it turns out I learned a lot about some things that I never knew I needed to learn about.

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My favorite part of the event – even more than the food and wine, if you can believe that – was learning about Robert Bosch himself. I love history, especially American history and anything having to do with WWII, so I could have sat there all day and learned about this great man and how he started his company from humble beginnings and became one of the greatest German inventors in history. He was one of the few men during WWII who had enough clout to stand up to Hitler and not feel the repercussions. And this was all due to the fact that Robert Bosch was such a great man and so well revered by the German people that Hitler knew if he opposed him the people of Germany would see his true side. Amazing…and I was truly inspired. So much so that I’ve already ordered this book about his life and achievements.

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Most of the event was just plain fun, with appetizers and drinks in the grotto and amazing dinners with live music. But there was some “work” involved, too…we had to cook our own lunch using and testing their fabulous convection ovens and induction stovetops. I know…can you believe all the hard work they put us through? And to top it all off, we had a film crew there documenting our ever move. That’s currently in editing but will be available soon and I’ll be sure to post it!

I made foccacia bread with Tech Savvy Mama (omg, she’s an upbeat and superfun person!) and we had a blast. Chef Brad (he has a show on BYU TV and it’s so worth the watch) helped us out, too, so it was pretty easy. I chose the bread because, as you may know, I don’t do breads. I love to eat them but I’m just not into the whole bread making thing. So of course I had to challenge myself, at least a little bit. This was, after all, work.

I went to the event not knowing anything about Bosch and I left a huge fan. I’ll definitely be sharing more highlights from the trip, including my favorite kitchen appliances and even some interesting (<—-yes, interesting!!) facts about dishwashers. But for now, let me simply leave you with this delicious recipe for focaccia bread. It’s much easier to make than you’d think!



  1. says

     As a 15 year veteran of Bosch Engineering (power tools, not appliances), I am proud.  Uncle Bobby, as we call him, was the man, period. I enjoyed the blog post, thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Now there's a great comment :-) If there's one thing I took away from the event, it's that the employees of Bosch are proud to represent their company. A rare and awesome thing to see!

  2. Amywinkelmann says

    Great post!!!  I love it…and I love YOU!  So glad I got to meet you…you must call when you come to the OC :)

  3. Chris says

    I'm really glad I got to read this article. You offer a lot of great unique content on this site, it definitely makes it a pleasure to read. I found the history of this company to be just as interesting (if not more interesting) than the actual details of the event. It's always cool to see humble beginnings like this, and to have it take place during Hitler's rise to power makes it even more compelling as a story. I have some food fanatic friends, and I will definitely direct that book their way. It's very cool to hear about your experience at this event!

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