cheddar biscuits

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red lobster biscuits
Alan refuses to go to Red Lobster. I can’t blame him – every time we’ve ever gone we’ve found it overpriced and underwhelming. But the biscuits – the biscuits!! – are such a guilty pleasure that it {almost} makes it worth it.

I’ve only made these twice. The first time I had a huge box of Bisquick that I bought strictly for the use of making my mom’s biscuits for strawberry shortcake (none other will do). But I generally don’t care for recipes that call for Bisquick yet I didn’t want to just toss the entire box. A quick google search brought up the Red Lobster biscuits. Yes. Must try!!

They’re as good as I remembered only even better since they’re right in my own kitchen. And since I’ve gotten a lot of requests for lactose-free recipes lately, I wanted to post this since it’s so easy to make it without lactose! All you have to do is swap out the whole milk for lactose-free milk and make sure you use an aged cheddar cheese. Crazy easy! And if you’re looking for even more recipes that are lactose-free, I have a few posted over at Moovision along with some other great cooks and chefs. You can post your own favorites there, too. I have a couple more lactose-free recipes up my sleeve coming later this week!

In the meantime, head straight to your kitchen and make these yummy biscuits, preferably before the kids get home from school so you don’t have to share.