chicken & dumplings

chicken and dumplings

Chicken & Dumplings always remind me of my mom. A big pot of chicken and vegetables would simmer on the stove for hours, then she’d drop the dumplings in, one at a time, and let them simmer and stew until we were finally allowed to dish up. Yet I don’t think I’ve ever made Chicken & Dumplings at home. Ever! It seems crazy to me now but, I guess like Nana’s Oatmeal Pancakes, it’s always been a dish that belonged to Mom – why try to recreate perfection?

I’d signed up for McCormick’s Recipe Inspirations through the DailyBuzz Tastemaker program and had requested that my recipe be the salmon or the fajitas (both are things I’d make anyway so it seemed to fit). When I opened the box they’d sent and I saw the Chicken & Dumplings, my first thought was “Oh no…this isn’t me at all”. My second thought was, “Maybe this is a good thing!” Turns out, it was. I really enjoyed making the recipe and although I typically use fresh herbs, it was a treat to just rip open a package and have everything ready – SO easy and no chopping or even measuring required! {As I was making it, I commented to Alan that McCormick’s pre-measured spice packets are marketing brilliance; how many times have home cooks let their spices sit in the back of their cupboards getting stale?}

chicken and dumplings

I did make some changes. I sauteed fresh veggies with the onion (sliced carrots, fresh corn and green beans – use your favorites) instead of using frozen. I also added the spices about a minute before adding the flour; this allows the dried herbs to release their essential oils and add a bit more flavor. Lastly, I made individual portions and baked our “dumplings” so that they had a crunchy texture instead of soft (450F for about 10 minutes). Definitely a bit different from both Mom’s AND McCormick’s, but any version you make is sure to be delish!

easy chicken and dumplings