cilantro-lime chicken flatbreads with mango & roasted jalapenos

cilantro lime chicken flatbreads with chipotle sauce |

Can you guess how long it took for these flatbreads to be devoured??

That’s right…about as long as it took you to think of an answer :)

I adore flatbread. I make some version of a flatbread recipe at least once a week. I like the texture much better than premade pizza dough and there are so many great premade flatbread choices out there now (and even more ways that you can top them). I’ll toss on cheese and pepperoni for my girls (or ham or whatever happens to be in our fridge), goat cheese and prosciutto for a quick appetizer or garlic & parmesan for a crispy bread on the side. But when I want to make a meal out of it – that’s when I make these babies! 

cilantro lime chicken flatbreads with chipotle sauce |

These flatbreads are crispy, cheesy and filled with so much flavor! The sweet mango and spicy jalapenos make a great combination – perfect for summertime when you’ve got the grill going or even in the winter when you need a pick-me-up. The chipotle sauce adds a subtle smokiness and brings all the flavors together so don’t skip it! It’s lightened up with plain yogurt so it won’t add many calories either.

There’s not much to this recipe – once you make the chicken (sometimes I’ll double the chicken and have just chicken with rice and beans for dinner then make the flatbreads the next) and roast the jalapenos, just chop a few veggies and put it all together. The jalapenos can also be roasted in advance, which makes it a great make-ahead dinner or party appetizer, too!

cilantro lime chicken flatbreads with chipotle sauce |

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