Chocolate Pudding…FAST.

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chocolate pudding

I was the Chocolate Pudding Queen when I was a kid. I could open that box, stir in the milk and get it thick and creamy on the stove in five seconds flat. Or ten minutes…but you get the idea. My sister Kelly was going to college in a nearby town and she would bring her boyfriend, Paul, home with her on the weekends. Paul was a great big brother to me (I’m nine years younger than Kelly). We’d play card games (anyone remember Smear?) and I’d make chocolate pudding. When Paul graduated from college, I drew him a picture and gave him…you guessed it…a box of pudding.

I haven’t bought the boxed stuff in years but I do still love a good chocolate pudding. These days I’ll make it but use a fancy recipe and call it “Chocolate Pots de Creme” with only very high-quality ingredients. But then there are days when I just want a good, creamy, hot, chocolatey pudding – in about five minutes flat. Enter this recipe!

I first came across this recipe at the very beginning of my cooking adventures. And fell in love immediately. It’s perfect for those nights (or afternoons or mornings) when a chocolate craving strikes but you don’t want to spend an hour in the kitchen. Plus it’s crazy good!

I also promised you that I’d have not one, not two, but three recipes this week that could easily be converted to lactose-free! And all you have to do to make this one lactose-free is swap out the milk for some that’s lactose-free. 

In the meantime, enjoy this easy, delicious recipe!