chopped veggie salad with lemon-garlic dressing

Great texture and flavor plus takes just minutes to make! | | #healthy #vegetables #salad

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m becoming a wee-bit obsessed with salads. Chopped salads. No lettuce, just healthy veggies.

Maybe a little cheese, too. With a light, tasty dressing.

For this chopped veggie salad I used just four vegetables: asparagus, fresh corn, chopped cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. We were heading down to my sister’s for a barbecue and I had the side dish job. This was easy and I knew it would keep well (keep the dressing and salad separate until ready to serve). It has a nice crunch to it and makes a nice light pairing to burgers & ribs.

Although…I made it a second time the next day and have been eating it for lunch every day this week. It stands on its own.

You could certainly add some lettuce to this and just double the dressing, too. Some salty bacon wouldn’t hurt anything, either. I added feta this go-round but goat cheese would be fantastic.

The point is…make this one your own. Add chicken, steak, croutons, cheese or nothing at all…lots of flexibility here. Just don’t sub canned or frozen corn for the fresh!! It’s summertime, folks, save the cans for your winter soups :)


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    Kristy, this looks “wickedly” delicious! I too have succumbed to all things chopped and salad-ie.. minus the lettuce. Or plus the lettuce if I’m feeling like I miss my old leafy friend. This looks devine. Love it! Making it! Pinning it! Devouring it, for sure♡

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      Thanks so much, my friend! I just love eating all the crunchy veggies (although, I’ll admit, occasionally I’ll get the lettuce craving, although that too needs to be chopped). Hope you enjoy! xo

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    Gorgeous dish with an explosion of flavours and colours! Our moms always said to eat the rainbow to stay healthy and I think this dish ticks all the boxes. Just received your message about Jalapeño Mania and it sounds like a super idea! Pinning your delicious chopped veggie salad lemon garlic dressing!


  1. […] salad keeps things really crunchy – there’s no iceberg or romaine to be seen. You know I’m not much of a lettuce-salad chef anyway – chopped veggies, especially in the summertime with all the awesome fresh produce […]

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