cilantro lime chicken

Try this easy recipe for cilantro lime chicken that’s bursting with flavor and can be used in many other recipes, too!


cilantro lime chicken

It’s finally time again to break out the grill and make some cilantro lime chicken!

grated lime zest

We’ve been enjoying some warm spring weather and it’s been such a nice change. Winter was tough all over this year and I know I’m not the only one who has been yearning for weather warm enough to throw open the windows and take the comforters off the beds. I love not needing a jacket and being able to throw on flip flops, too. Oh, spring, how I love you! 

cilantro lime chicken

This cilantro lime chicken is one of my favorite easy chicken dishes. I actually make it year-round (I just use a grill pan when it’s too cold to grill) but definitely a lot more often during the warmer months. I love that it’s delicious just as is but can also be added to any number of other things to make an entirely new recipe. I usually make double the cilantro lime chicken I’ll need just so I can make something else with it later that week. The flavors in cilantro lime chicken are perfect for just about any tex-mex recipe or it’s great to put on a salad. This time I made a fantastic chicken flatbread out of it that is to die for! I even spied this recipe for Cilantro Lime Chicken with a Poblano Spinach Vinaigrette that I’ll be trying at some point just for a fun twist.

cilantro lime chicken

All this cilantro lime chicken needs is a little time to marinate. There aren’t many ingredients and once the flavors from the marinade soak in all you have to do is throw it on the grill! You might even want to have some buns ready with some sandwich fixin’s – there are so many ways to enjoy it. But this cilantro lime chicken is perfect on its own, too, just add some beans and rice for a fantastic summer meal.


  1. says

    Kristy, this has me yearning for the warm weather we need to really get grilling again. We have braved the cool weather a few times out of desperation, but I will be glad to say goodbye to the awful nasty spring we’ve been having so far. These make me think of sitting on the porch, sipping a refreshing beverage while they grill – yummy!

  2. Tiffany Jones says

    I always like a good, grilled chicken recipe and now I would imagine the cilantro would add a nice spice to it.

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