creamy custard & berry tarts

custard tart

I had a craving today, and this is the result.

I had some blackberries (at $1 a pint it would have been a crime not to buy some) and was looking for a quick sugar-fix. A quick text to Alan got me a pie crust*, vanilla beans and heavy cream. All I had to do was add sugar, egg yolks and the berries and I had these easy berry tarts.

*I still don’t do pie crusts. But I’ve made some progress! I recently bought this pie crust bag – it was 99 cents, how could I not? – and I’ve thought about actually using it. I think Martha will be calling any minute.

This custard is very creamy and smooth. I like it because it’s a quick mix-and-pour into the crust, no fussing with the stove. Any berry would work here – raspberries would be especially delicious (but they’re my favorite berry so I think they go with everything).

I’m so happy spring is here!

berry tarts


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    Oooh I just love this!So beautiful and perfect for this weather.I’m definitely going to be making this!Thanks for sharing :)


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