my destiny, fulfilled.

It happened when I least expected it. There I was, just going about my business, when it suddenly appeared.



So…that’s it then. There’s really nothing more to be done.

It’s been fun blogging. Cooking. Eating. Chatting with you all.

But now it’s time to go make a bacon shack in the woods, get some bacon followers and start living a life dedicated to fulfilling my bacon destiny.

But first, I’ll share some of my bacon wisdom with you. {Grasshopper.}


It was some simple twisted bacon that began my journey…

how to cook bacon

…followed by more bacon

jalapeno popper bacon

…and, more recently, this heavenly Chipotle Bourbon Bacon Jam, shared with me by my friend Beth who is lucky enough to have a nice friend who makes it in his very own kitchen and gives her a whole jar.  Every year.  At Christmas time.

Are you listening, Santa?

bacon jam

And I would like to thank the Bacon Academy (who, ironically, has nothing to do with me or with bacon but I felt it was appropriate nonetheless) and all the other inspirational bacon lovers who have inspired me along my way. Other Bacon Jedi who have similar destinies. (Destinys?)

There are the guys who created The Bacon Explosion

bacon explosion

…and my heroes who came up with these gorgeous bacon flowers…  (note to Alan: I know I said you don’t ever have to send me flowers, but these are the one exception. Get out the cordless drill, honey).

bacon roses

And these fine (and healthy!) folks even offer “Back-to-School-Bundles” to make sure your child is never, ever without Bacon!

bacon gifts

I’ll be ordering a few of those to take with me to my bacon shack.

Thank you all.   Off to pack!


  1. says

    Oh man. You know you’ve arrived when you get some sort of bacon award or recognition. That’s too funny. And those twists? Brilliant! You need to try my bacon jam! You’d love it.

  2. Betty says

    If you do get that bacon shack someday, I’ll be right there to sample some of your tasty bacon wisdom!

  3. Trinity says

    Congrats on your prestigious new position! Myself, I’m influenced *by* bacon, which is still pretty good from my perspective.

  4. Lori says

    Bacon jam… I’m having a hard time imagining that one. It’s got bacon in it, so I know it has to be good…

  5. twitter_kaycemick says

    LOL! Nice! I didn’t realize that so bacon could be made into so many artistic and gourmet things! The bacon twists are especially creative! Very nice!

  6. Joey Adante says

    I’m Italian, and I love bacon. I thought that would be a great introduction since I am new to this blog and this is the first post I have read. You’ve already got my mouth watering!

  7. Glynis Latosky says

    Those twisted bacons look amazing! I have never thought to do that in all my 35 years of cooking!

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