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I’m getting ready for St. Patty’s day today.

My Guinness corned beef has been braised and as soon as it’s cool, I’ll be attempting those reuben-stuffed cabbage rolls I asked your opinion about on my Facebook page last week. I have green on the brain.

So I’m not sure why, exactly, I felt compelled to make these Easter cupcakes. Today. In the middle of my disheveled kitchen with pots and pans strewn about.

But once these cute easter cupcakes got into my head I just couldn’t get ’em out.

It didn’t help that Katie’s cute little friend Bella was coming over today and that the two of them together are just about the sweetest thing you’ll ever see. Both complete and total girlie-girls, they are all lip-gloss, fancy dresses and ponytails.

And so they need to have cupcakes!

I’m so not a cupcake decorator. But I had some cute pink paper baking cups, white basket easter cupcake wrap-arounds and plenty of sprinkles, peeps and candies to put on top. How could I not at least give it the ol’ college try?

And just for the record, this had absolutely nothing at all to do with anything resembling a cupcake craving on my part.

It was all for the kids.

cupcake ideas

I didn’t even use a from-scratch recipe for the cupcakes.

I know…gasp!!

I used a box and instead of the oil I used melted butter. Makes all the difference. Then I made a cream cheese frosting & added the peeps & candies. I had a few chocolate chicks, too, so on they went!

easter cupcakes

Both the pink paper cups and the paper basket wrap-arounds came from Michael’s. The wrap-arounds were fun but they only fit around regular-sized cupcakes (not the pink paper baking cups). And while I like the look of the paper cups I’m not sure I’d use them again. The cupcakes pulled away from the edges while cooling so there were gaps between the paper and the cupcake. An easy fix to fill the gap with frosting, but as a lover of cake and not so much frosting, it sort of skews the cake-to-frosting ratio I typically go with.

But they are pretty, aren’t they?

easter cupcakes peeps

I’m off to finish those reuben-stuffed cabbage rolls. If all goes well, the recipe will go up Friday!




  1. michelle @ The Village Cook says

    You have me wanting to get my bunny on! :) I love it & good for you for doing a boxed mix- you made it “real” with the melted butter. I bet the girls had a blast!

  2. says

    This is a great way to use peeps. They are so cute but underutilized just in the box in the basket. Thanks for using the box cake mix and admitting it!

  3. says

    Oh my gosh! How adorable are these?! I’m so glad you posted Easter recipes already because I need to get my baking on and this is the only place I look for recipes :).

  4. Erin Goodman says

    I never liked peeps very much. But they compliment these cupcakes so perfectly. I never would have thought to do this :)

  5. Claire Hammond says

    Very nice cupcakes! I think I would also use cake batter instead of doing it from scratch. So what? All that time you would have been baking, you can spend on decorating :).

  6. Glynis Latosky says

    Very tasty looking! I hope to see more Easter recipes from TheWickedNoodle very soon!!! Especially for baking tasty little treats like this. In fact, if you take requests… maybe anginette (orange juice) cookies? ;)

  7. says

    Your cupcakes came out really nice for not being a decorator. I love the wrap arounds you used. I like those because they come up higher and your candy decorations don’t fall off plus they give a nice finished look. Simple and sweet.


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