alaskan crab tacos

crab tacos

My sister moved to Alaska last year. If you don’t know where Alaska is, well…it’s far. REALLY far. Unless you live in Canada, which I do not. I live in the US, on the east coast, in Northern Virginia.

Alaska may as well be on the moon.

So when my buddies at Alaska Seafood asked if I’d be willing to jump into their contest, I hesitated for about three seconds. Because the grand prize is a trip. A free trip. To the moon Alaska!

I just told you a mere three days ago that I rarely enter recipe contests. But I know you’ll understand.

It’s for my sister. And for me. And for you. Really!

I’ll post some really great stories and photos and all the Alaskan seafood recipes I can find. Promise.

But first I have to win! I’ll keep you posted ;-)

This taco recipe using fresh crab takes just 15 minutes to make. The key is to use the freshest ingredients possible and nice big lumps of crab. My store was out of all their jumbo lump Alaskan crab so I made do with smaller pieces; it’s much cheaper but worth the extra dollars for the good stuff when you can get it.  For texture, a few fresh jalapeno slices are fabulous if you can handle the spice; if not, add some thinly shredded lettuce or cabbage. I like to add both.

Top it off with an ice cold beer or margarita and you’ll be in crab taco heaven!

alaskan crab tacos