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This easy biscuit recipe for Cheddar Biscuits is absolutely out of this world! A copycat recipe from the amazing Red Lobster cheese biscuits.

This easy biscuit recipe for Cheddar Biscuits is absolutely out of this world! A copycat recipe from the amazing Red Lobster cheese biscuits.
If you’ve ever paid a visit to your local Red Lobster than odds are you’ve had their soft, warm, cheesy biscuits. Alan refuses to walk through their front door and I can’t blame him – every time we’ve ever gone we’ve found it overpriced and underwhelming. But those biscuits – those cheesy, soft biscuits!! – are such a guilty pleasure that I have to go every once in a blue moon.

I found this easy biscuit recipe quite by accident. I happened to have a box of Bisquick in my pantry that I bought for making my mom’s strawberry shortcake recipe. But because I don’t use Bisquick yet didn’t want the box to go to waste, I decided to take a look for an easy biscuit recipe that could go with that night’s dinner.

It had never occurred to me to try to recreate Red Lobster’s cheese biscuits so I was pretty excited when I found this easy biscuit recipe that claimed to be a copycat. I was skeptical but also curious as to whether they’d actually be as good as the original.

The results were even better. Hot out of the oven, soft on the inside with crispy edges and fantastic cheddar flavor, these cheese biscuits have been made over and over in my kitchen. They’re a great accompaniment to soup or a salad. I’ve even made them just for a treat! It’s such an easy biscuit recipe since they can be mixed up in no time and only take about 15 minutes to bake. Leftovers are great, too, and I’ve made a mean breakfast sandwich with them.

I’ll leave you with this tip: don’t over-mix your biscuits. Over-mixing can prevent the soft, fluffy texture you’re going for. Mix just until combined and they’ll turn out perfect!


  1. Yi Shen says

    My mom is a HUGE fan of Red Lobster biscuits so I make these every year around the holidays. Can't wait to make them again!

  2. Charlize says

    I agree with Alan on Red Lobster (my hubby feels the same way about Olive Garden), but I just can't get enough of their biscuits, and also their cheesy crayfish fondue. If you could come up with a recipe for that fondue, I would be in heaven! But, I will start with these biscuits :)

  3. Ruth says

    I'm so excited reading this recipe! I live in Northern New England, and the closest Red Lobster is in CT. I have actually driven out of there in desperation when I lived a little closer. It was hilarious, the lines were so long, and my boyfriend and I were definitely not the only people who had traveled more than 100 miles for those biscuits!

  4. Miriam says

    Who would have though something so incredibly delicious would be so easy? And stranger still, who thought it would start with Bisquick? I agree with you on strawberry shortcake though, I suppose Bisquick has more going for it than I thought.

  5. Rebecca says

    Hmm, aged cheese has less lactose than new cheese? I never knew that, but that's very helpful to know. I often cook for groups, and with food allergies of all sorts becoming more common, it's nice to know how I can still work with my favorite recipes. These biscuits look great!

  6. Aideen says

    My try came out yummy! I also added extra cheese because I
    love cheese. I am going to make these all the time. These are to die for!

  7. Mia says

    I was concerned about the size since I made it slightly bigger than suggested. But it turned out that neither my daughter or son could stop eating them! Great recipe, thanks.

  8. Mary says

    I was explaining to my boyfriend the other night how DELISH Red Lobster's biscuits are… he's never had them. I'm hoping to take him to the restaurant one day, but I LOVE to bake. Thanks for sharing these… I can't wait to give him a taste of what he's missing!

  9. Bianca says

    My daughter is lactose-intolerant. Thank you for preparing recipes which are lactose-free or which can be substituted. Now we can both enjoy this cheddar biscuit :)

  10. Maria says

    Amazing recipe! My hubby just loves cheese and he had a hard time waiting for the biscuits to be out of the oven… The smell of cheddar cheese as they were being baked was just out of this world. Will definitely cook them again (very soon!) :-)

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