empanadasI know all the empanada purists out there are going to tell me that you can’t use pie dough to make authentic empanadas. And they’ll be right. An empanada dough should be flaky, crispy and light; you don’t want it competing with the flavorful fillings. But I really, really wanted to make empanadas…and so I made the decision to move forward in the hopes that they still might turn out okay.


I have to give credit to the empanada filling for these turning out as well as they did (although I really enjoyed the pie crust, too, and the texture seemed right to me). I took so many “tastes” that the long-simmered chicken and onions almost didn’t make it inside the dough, but I held out long enough to make at least a couple dozen for game day. Just don’t make these empanadas while you’re hungry, in the same way that you don’t want to grocery shop without having had lunch ;-)


recipe adapted from epicurious

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    • ACurinia says

      Thank you so much for the recipe. while my family is from chile this recipe looks similar to what I’ve had growing up. I can’t wait to try and it and see how it turns out.

  1. says

    These look delicious. Thanks for your creativity! It helps me to be more creative…I might adapt this for use with our grass-fed beef…I've got a freezer full, and this may just be a great addition to our Movie Night feasts.

  2. Chris says

    Your mention of cookie dough has made me salivate, and consider making some sort of desert variation of these empanadas. haha. But on to business! This looks like a great recipe. I've actually never had an empanada before, at least to my memory. It's a very interesting conglomerate of food, which I am sure can be enjoyed by so many people in a variety of settings. Very cool!

  3. says

    No, but it looks like I missed adding it to the recipe above (I just add a handful of golden raisins). Sorry about that! The raisins are delicious in this but feel free to leave them out if you prefer.

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