Fish Tacos in a Cup

easy fish taco recipe appetizer

Oh, how I miss the food of Southern California!

Especially all the delicious authentic mexican food.

It’s funny, when I first moved there from rural Wisconsin, the extent of my below-the-border cuisine had consisted of Chi-Chi’s, Taco Bell and Taco Johns. Carne asada? El Pastor? FISH IN A TACO? It all sounded pretty strange to me.

Thankfully, over the years my palate grew accustomed to what is “real” mexican food, and once I discovered it there was no turning back. I even ended up as the VP of Human Resources for Wahoo’s Fish Taco, the absolute best place to get good grub in SoCal. Sadly, Northern Virginia just doesn’t offer the vast array of great mexican food that was so readily available out west, so occasionally I just have to find my fix in my own home kitchen.

These fish tacos don’t fall under the authentic category, especially when you add in the wasabi creme fraiche. But the flavors meld together surprising well, and offer a nice alternative to your typical fish taco. They also make a fabulous appetizer that will really feed a crowd!