garlic portobello mushrooms with pecorino romano {3-ingredient recipe}

This 3-ingredient recipe for Garlic Portobello Mushrooms is the perfect delicious side dish all year-round. Grill them in the summer and saute in winter!


Just 3 little ingredients in this fantastic side dish! | | @thewickednoodle

Next to a grilled rib-eye (medium rare, thank you very much), grilled portobello mushrooms are my favorite meaty dish.

Or, in this case, sliced and sauteed.

These garlic portobello mushrooms are TO DIE FOR. I made them for the first time last week after coming into a rather large amount of portobellos – what to do with them all? Stuffing was my first thought – perhaps with freshly grilled vegetables and a little feta or goat cheese, and/or a drizzle of dressing – but I didn’t have what I needed on hand. I was on my own for the evening so also didn’t want to cook too much food {story of my life!}…so I decided to just slice them and give them a quick saute along with a bit of garlic.

That’s when I remembered the Pecorino Romano in my refrigerator, just waiting to be grated over the top of these hot, delicious little beauties.

{garlic portobellos with pecorino romano} Just 3 little ingredients in this fantastic side dish! | | @thewickednoodle

And, aside from the salt, pepper and a little oil used for sauteeing – those three ingredients are all that went into this dish. It didn’t then – and doesn’t now – need a single thing more. The garlic and cheese simply enhances the earthy flavor of these meaty mushrooms and made the perfect side dish. Or, in this case, main dish – yep, I ate the entire pan. Not in one sitting, of course – half at dinner, half at late-night snack (they were delicious at room temperature).

Don’t be alarmed or think it’s a typo when you see “HIGH” heat in the recipe. Mushrooms are best when cooked over a high heat – the real cooking begins only after they’ve released their moisture and it’s evaporated; that’s when the browning starts. You want your portobello mushrooms to be browned because that’s where all the flavor lies. Trust me on this one – your mushrooms (and your palate) will thank you for it!


  1. Christie - Food Done Light says

    Simple but delicious. Love how brown the mushrooms are. Great recipe for a quick meal or a specia one.

  2. Tammy B. says

    As a vegetarian, this looks like the perfect recipe. Easy steps, few ingredients and something you can barely mess up if you wanted to.


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