I love gazpacho. It’s one of those summertime recipes that I can’t resist, year after year. There’s something so satisfying about throwing all that nature straight into my food processor and then straight to the table. Clean eating at its finest.

Gazpacho is also one of the recipes I repeat most often for my clients. One client in particular requests heavy vegetables in all the dishes I make for her, which at times can be a challenge to keep the menu fresh and interesting. But gazpacho is that one fall-back that will always make her happy. It also freezes well, so if I know that a client will be traveling or eating out a lot that week, I can tuck it away for them. I make it often for us, too, especially toward the end of summer when tomato season is coming to an end. There’s just something wonderful about pulling it out of my freezer a month later and getting that last taste of summer!!

We personal chefs often have some fun presentation tricks up our sleeves, too. I know I’ve waxed poetic about my food rings and have shown you how to make a stacked salad with them. But it’s equally fun to make a soup garnish. Here’s how to do it:

First, give your food ring a quick spray with cooking spray and place it in one of your serving bowls. Then slice your avocado in half, remove the pulp with a spoon and place cut-side down on a cutting board. Slice very thinly, then place the slices around your food ring like this:

food rings

Next, fill the food ring with diced vegetables (try to use the same ones that are in your soup). Fill it just about halfway so you don’t put too much stress on the avocado slices. I filled mine a bit more than that but you get the idea:

food presentation tips

Now carefully lift your food ring straight up! Then slowly pour your soup around your garnish and serve!

gazpacho recipe

You can, of course, do this with any number of soups. Just be sure to make your garnish the same as what’s in the soup (or something that complements it). I wouldn’t freeze the garnish, but you can freeze the soup ahead of time, thaw it and make your garnish at the last minute. Makes for an easy dinner party or just a special family night. The soup in the picture was a surprise for Katie when she got home from Kindergarten last week. Her little eyes just lit up when she saw how pretty her lunch was!

Here are some tips for freezing foods, too:

  • Use the right size container. You want as little air as possible to help protect the food from freezer burn. Not too large so you don’t have a lot of excess air, but not to small as the food will expand slightly when frozen.
  • Don’t freeze warm or hot food. I try to cool the food down as quickly as possible (especially when I’m freezing something for a client). Sometimes I’ll put some ice in the sink and place the pot or dish on top. The refrigerator can be a big help, too.
  • Use containers that are specifically made for freezing. GLAD recently sent me some of their new plastic freezerware to try and I loved it. They’re plastic containers specifically made for the freezer! It was great to have a variety of sizes to choose from and I especially liked that I could freeze my gazpacho in smaller portions so I could pull out just what I needed, instead of having to thaw it all at once.
  • Don’t freeze in large portions. Smaller portions are easier to manage and they’ll freeze quicker, reducing the chance of freezer burn.
  • Label it! Food looks different frozen and you’ll be more likely to use something if you actually know what it is! Just try and tell me you’ve never pulled something out of your freezer that no longer resembled anything close to food :-)

What’s your favorite freezer recipe? Here’s mine!

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  1. Denise @ Creative Kitchen says

    This looks amazing! Can you believe I’ve never tried gazpacho. I used to be quite fearful of tomatoes in fresh raw form, but after eating raw for a week….I fell in love! Now I can’t wait to try gazpacho. Thanks for sharing!!

    • says

      Thanks, Denise! I had a completely raw meal at “Elizabeth’s Gone Raw” in DC a couple of months ago and it was amazing!! I never knew raw food could be so tasty. You should definitely try gazpacho!

  2. says

    This is a great idea. I would like to poach it for a summer special at my restaurant when our local heirlooms start to peak this August– will give credits & FB links. Do you mind? I’m always reluctant to feature gazpacho because the soup alone doesn’t “look” up to the price point when you are using really good tomatoes, and it’s is best with really good tomatoes.

  3. says

    Thanks for the simple but awesome presentation tip! I am constantly trying to get better at presentation for food photos and always on the lookout for tips like this.

    Can you believe I’ve never made gazpacho? I can’t wait to try your recipe and also freeze it. Pulling this out in the fall or winter would be a lovely taste of summer.

  4. says

    I adore your presentation!! It looks so tempting! I have never tasted Gazpacho, didn’t even know what it was until I started writing for my blog. This recipe looks so lovely, easy and fun to make. I think it’s time I tried it.

  5. Michelle says

    I have to admit, I never was a fan of this-but when I saw your pic and presentation with the avocado and veggies… I’m beginning to convert! Ohhh it looks so refreshing! Thanks for the tips as well- :) looking forward to catching up with you soon – have an awesome day!

  6. says

    Hi, I found your blog through The Lady 8 Home. That’s a lovely looking soup and I love the presentation. That would be so good for you. It’s very cold here in Sydney at the moment (not to mention wet) so we’re eating comfort foods. But I’ll remember this recipe for our warmer months.

  7. RecipeNewZ says

    I found this post though Pinterest. The photo was so beautiful that I just had to come here to read the recipe! Love it! And love your site :-).

    I would like to invite you to share this post (and your other posts :-) ) on a new photo based recipe sharing site that launched in May. The idea is simple: all recipe photographs are published within minutes of submission. And, of course, the images link back to the author’s site.

    It’s called RecipeNewZ (with Z) –

    I hope you get a chance to visit and to share some of your delicious posts with our viewers. It would be a pleasure to have you on board :-)

  8. says

    I never used to be a big fan of gazpacho, but I just had a chilled tomato soup while on vacation that changed my mind. I think this will be the summer of gazpacho for me! Love the idea of freezing some for when the fresh tomatoes are gone, and your garnish is gorgeous.

  9. says

    I love gazpacho! I often make it with canned tomatoes (the horror!) simply because they taste better than all but absolutely ripe seasonal tomatoes – which are so hard to find. Love the idea of the food rings! Great tip! Very nice post – thank you.

    • says

      Thanks, KR! I agree 100% about the tomatoes – winter tomatoes from the supermarket are just BAD. Canned is much better! Although nothing is better than a fresh summer tomato straight off the vine. I even love the way my hands smell after picking one.

  10. sonia says

    This is a great tipe, thank you very much. Anyway I think I should make a suggestion about the Gazpacho recipe, imho you should ‘warn’ people that this is not the traditional recipe, although I’ll try it too :)

    • says

      Hi Sonia, thanks for your feedback. Gazpacho has so many variations and my readers are pretty well-versed in food so I didn’t feel it was necessary to state that it’s not 100% traditional (especially since all that’s missing is the bread). You’ll see that most of my recipes have twists to them so I feel pretty safe that I did an okay job. I do hope you try it, though! :-)

  11. CarleneFutureRD says

    Beautiful avocado!!! I remember when we were dating, my now husband made gazpacho like this and I told him he did it wrong! Poor guy-I had always had a rough tomato salad type mix and known it as gazpacho.

  12. Vicky says

    That is the most interesting Gazpacho Recipe I have ever see. I love the presentation. I will have to send it to some of my friends ins Spain.

  13. Vicky says

    That is the most interesting Gazpacho Recipe I have ever seen. I love the presentation. I will have to send it to some of my friends ins Spain.

  14. Vicky says

    That is the most interesting Gazpacho Recipe I have ever seen. I love the presentation. I will have to send it to some of my friends in Spain.

  15. says

    I love, love, love gazpacho and make it often in the summer, but always wondered how it would freeze. Next time I make it, I’m making a huge batch!

  16. says

    This soup looks so happy! (Such vibrant colors!) Love your “ring of avocado!” Thanks for the tips too! I never knew that warm food shouldn’t be frozen…makes sense though, since plastic is involved. From now on, that’s my excuse for why my hands look like drunk chickens when I’m typing. Thank you!

  17. Patsy says

    I have never had gaspacho or however it’s spelled LOL but the recipe looks yummy I will have to try it!

  18. says

    Wow, I had no idea I was going to learn so much from a post about gazpacho. First of all I didn’t know gazpacho would freeze. And second, I just love the presentation made using the food ring, avocado and other veggies. I’m going to forward this to my husband– he’s Mr. Presentation with food, much better than I am– in fact he’s the one who bought our food ring. I know, I’m a lucky woman….

  19. says

    Wow! Such a beautiful presentation! You know I’ve never tried gazpacho before..but sounds so refreshing and perfect for Texas summer months!

    Thank you for the helpful freezing tips. I do have one question. Can I put hot food immediately into the fridge to cool faster? I’ve heard mixed reviews. Thank you!

    • says

      I do put hot food in either the fridge or directly into a bowl of ice to cool it as quickly as possible. I let it cool about 10-15 minutes first then either fridge or bowl of ice. You don’t want to freeze hot food though or it will affect the texture.

      Thanks for the comment!


  20. donna says

    I am a person who loves to try out new things so I decided to try out your delicious recipe. I will most certainly check back another time – thanks for sharing!

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