Good Bite & Mini Apple Walnut Tarts

mini apple walnut tarts

I’ve been in a serious fall baking mood lately. When the air gets cooler and the squash hit my CSA boxes, that’s my cue to begin baking all kinds of delicious pies, tarts and crisps. Alan actually had to physically restrain me the other day from baking a pie…okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but he did give me a “look” that pretty much said that he thought I was in dire need of a straight jacket. And I know he’s right, but have you seen all the juicy apples at the farmers markets lately? I’d be crazy not to bake with those beauties!

I also needed to come up with three fall desserts for my first article on…wait for it…Good Bite! Yep, I’m now an official contributor and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s such a great site with such amazing contributors; I have a hard time believing that they wanted me! I’m choosing to just go with being grateful, though, and leave it at that. ;)

The article is called “Three Easy Fall Desserts” and these little tarts are the first of the three. They’re crazy easy and surprisingly good for such minimal effort. I warn you, though…they’re practically bite-sized and it’s shamefully easy to just keep popping them in your mouth. They’d be perfect for a fall get-together, especially if you drizzled a little caramel sauce over it and added a scoop of ice cream!

Here’s the recipe, and be sure to also check out the other two recipes over at Good Bite, too!

apple walnut tarts

mini apple walnut tarts


  1. jp says

    I've made these twice to rave reviews!  The second time I cooked the filling for a few minutes on the stove before putting it in the tarts (pastry got a little too brown the first time around).

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