The Gourmoo Cookoff – Episode 2, Side Dishes

Woohoo! Here it is, the second episode of the Gourmoo Cookoff! This was one of my favorite episodes. The dishes were delicious and it was a close call for all the contestants. It’s still surprises me that all of the dishes were lactose-free, I just never realized how delicious lactose-free could be.

There’s one thing I really want to mention about this episode, but you’ll have to watch it first to understand what I’m talking about. If you haven’t watched it yet, go ahead…I’ll wait here.

kristy bernardo, the wicked noodle

So, what’d you think? Pretty great lactose-free dishes, right? Even Robert’s dish was great. I know, I know…in the video it looks as if I hated it. But what you didn’t see is that immediately after I said “I didn’t think I was going to like it”, came something like, “but I was pleasantly surprised. The bread held its texture and was actually a very nice dish.”   Darn editors!!

This was one of the best rounds in terms of every contestant turning out something I’d gladly eat. I wish more attention had been paid to Nicole’s spinach dish; it was really tasty even if it didn’t win. It would have been difficult for anyone to beat out Morena’s dish; there was a lot of depth of flavor there that was impressive for the short cooking time!

Another great episode down! Tune in next week for episode three…Entrees!!


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