great christmas finds for foodies

Not sure how it’s possible, but another weekend has slipped away. They always go fast but this time of the year it seems as if they’re on warp speed. We had a fun time though; Saturday our entire family was in the Middleburg Christmas Parade which is always a great time. The weather was a comfortable 50ish degrees this year compared to the cold, wet snowy day that greeted us two years ago and made everyone miserable. After the parade we were off for Baltimore, where we met up with a high school friend of mine and her boyfriend (whom we’d never met but l-o-v-e-d). Then Sunday we got our tree and put up all the Christmas decorations! Yahoo!

In the middle of it all, I still had time to get some fun foodie Christmas ideas. There are so many fun and unique things out there now that it was difficult to choose my favorites. Here are five and I’ll share the rest each week until Christmas arrives. And if you find any good ones that you’d like to share, please feel free to do so in the comments section.

Merry Christmas!

Root of the Earth Cheese Board by VivaTerra

A cheese board is always a great gift and this one has so much character.

I think it’s just gorgeous and would be a great gift for any foodie.


cheese board

Clothespin Kitchen Magnets

These little beauties are an inexpensive choice for a teacher, bus driver or neighbor who also happens to be a great cook. They’d also make a great stocking stuffer!

kitchen magnets

Fleur de Sel French Sea Salt

This is another inexpensive choice but something any true foodie would love! This is the kind of salt that you sprinkle on a dish at the very end to finish it off and give it that special something, and for that salty-sweet contrast in baked goods it can’t be beat. Another great stocking stuffer!

fleur de selWhiskey Stones

These little babies are fun and sophisticated! Toss them in your favorite drink and keep it chilled without watering it down. I think Alan would love these…hmmm…honey, please don’t read this.

whiskey stones

Mushroom Kit

And last but not least, this groovy Mushroom Kit. You just mist it twice a day and you’ll yield up to a pound and a half of oyster mushrooms. This is one I’m buying for myself if it doesn’t show up under the tree.

mushroom kit



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    Aww I would have LOVED to give and get these cool things this Christmas. Too bad I didn't come across this blog until now :(. You really do have great taste! I'll check back for more ideas!

  2. says

    These are some great products, even outside of the Christmas season. I immediately thought of my father who seems to think of himself as a "master chef." While I don't live with him anymore, I can remember the many times growing up that he would make food for our family. I know, it's sort of a change in terms of what is expected from a man's stereotypical gender role; but it should certainly be pointed out that men are just as prone to become good cooks as women.

    Also, it should be noted that the whiskey stones look like something I just might end up buying myself. I absolutely love having a good alcoholic drink, even a hard liquor like whiskey as well; but I do admit that just using ice has been a major pain for the longest time considering they always melt and dilute the liquor. It is such a cool idea, and they look pretty attractive as well.

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