Hot and Spicy Queso Fresco Burgers

avocado, jalapeno and bacon burgers

Every time I think I’m “over” Rachael Ray and her magazine, she throws out one really awesome recipe that keeps me reading month after month. I much prefer “Fine Cooking” or “Cooking Light” for recipes that never fail. They’re no more difficult to make than Rachael’s recipes and they’re a bit more sophisticated. But sometimes, well…you just need a good burger. Especially at the start of grillin’ season!

I love this burger because it’s different from the usual, and yet it contains many of the same ingredients you’re likely already putting on your beef. I warn you – this was S P I C Y!! But the creaminess from the buttermilk dressing was a nice contrast to the spicy jalapenos, and the combination of flavors can’t be beat. I especially love that the crispy bacon is added to the meat itself; it adds a nice texture. And ironically, it’s not actually a Rachael Ray recipe, it’s merely printed in her magazine. The recipe actually comes from Robert Del Grande, executive chef of RDG + Bar Annie restaurant in Houston.

Make sure to use queso fresco cheese and freshly baked buns – it will make all the difference!