2-ingredient Nutella hot chocolate

2-ingredient Nutella hot chocolate



























This is an older recipe of mine that I’m bringing back to life. It’s always good to revisit the favorites!


Two ingredients, less than ten minutes and hot, creamy, drinkable Nutella.

My kind of recipe.

There are countless ways to enjoy this creamy spread – 2-ingredient Nutella mousse is one of my go-to dessert recipes – but this hot chocolate is my absolute favorite.  It’s brought a smile to my face many times when I was scrounging in the pantry for a little sweet something after the kids went to bed, certain that there was nothing there good enough for my cravings.  Nutella never really disappoints, does it?

If you wax poetic over Nutella recipes – as I clearly do – or if you’re one of those rare folks who haven’t experienced the true bliss that Nutella brings, then you really, really need to run to the store, pick up a jar in the largest size they have and try this immediately!

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