ideas for an easy brunch

yogurt bar

Every few Fridays or so, the ladies and I brunch (<—-I love saying that ;) We head to the Red Fox Inn, order our usual (Beth and I are always Eggs Benedict, subbing the home fries for the bacon potato cake) and a Bloody Mary.

Or two. Depends how the week went.

It’s a great way to catch up with everyone, have some laughs and start the weekend off right.

So when Dannon called and asked if I would be willing to host a casual brunch, I jumped on it. I mean, it’s brunch. Brunch is even better than brinner.

I swapped the Bloody Mary’s for Mimosa’s and decided to branch out a bit, making healthier recipes instead of crispy bacon.

{Yes, I did miss my bacon. Yes, I did tear up just a little bit. Thank you for asking.}

I went super casual and made it all family-style. Here was our menu:

Oh, and eggs and bacon…

bacon and eggs

I had to fit some bacon in somewhere. I wish I could take credit but the idea came from Pinterest. So cute they had to be included.

The bread was delicious. Loved it and would make it again in a second. But next time I’ll actually believe the directions and let it cool before slicing. It was a hot mess (literally! HA!) but it was still plated and served. It was that good.

lemon blueberry bread

It would make killer muffins, too.

My personal favorite was the yogurt parfait bar. I love using mini dessert dishes for things like this. I scooped Dannon Activia Harvest Picks (new, and so good!!) into serving bowls alongside bowls of honey-almond granola, grape nuts, fresh berries and toasted pecans.

yogurt parfait

Healthy and so good! I love the creamy yogurt with the crunchy granola and sweet, soft berries.

We all had a great time. Our guests stayed until two o’clock and we ate ourselves silly (the mimosas had a slight hand in that). A wonderful way to ring in daylight savings time!

I have partnered with Dannon to help promote their Harvest Picks Yogurt. I have been compensated for my time commitment to review this product. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish
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