The BEST Oatmeal Pancakes

These oatmeal pancakes have been made countless times and everyone always loves them. One of my easiest and most popular recipes!


These oatmeal pancakes are DELICIOUS and one of our most popular recipes!

My mom is the best cook in the world.


It doesn’t matter how great the dish is that I’ve made on any particular day, nothing can ever compete with Mom’s Home Cookin’.

Am I right?

This is just another testament to the way that food brings us all together.  Bobby Flay can challenge my mom to a throwdown any day, but if I’m one of the judges, just a bite of anything my mom made is going to catapult her dish to the top, hands down.  Tastes translate into memories for me, and my mom created a lot of great ones!

I’ll admit to being sentimental about these oatmeal pancakes.  I don’t recall exactly when she started making them, but like any great tradition, it started with one pancake and grew upon request after request, until one day these oatmeal pancakes were just a part of life when Nana came to town.  Every one of her grandkids scramble for a seat at the table as soon as the first oatmeal pancake hits a plate, and Nana doesn’t stop making them until we’ve all had a good six or so – each!  I actually refused to make these for my girls for a long time, simply because this was a memory that belonged to my mom; it was that special something that she did for them.  I’ve relented since then, only because they’re just so delicious that even I can’t wait until she visits for more oatmeal pancakes!

I really hope you try them; they’re so delicious and light, with a different texture from regular pancakes.  You won’t even notice the oatmeal (don’t worry, these don’t taste like “healthy” pancakes – they’re just good)!