Northern Italian Beef Stew

italian beef stew

I have a great recipe find for you this week! It’s a bit different from your typical stew but it’s still hearty, comforting and will make your house smell amazing as it simmers away on your stove. The recipe comes from Cozi’s Family Dinner Club, a monthly newsletter from Cozi where they share their favorite recipes for delicious, easy dinners. I’ve gotten so many great ideas from them!

This hearty stew is filled with tender beef, potatoes, mushrooms and a thick & silky red wine & tomato sauce. As is typical, I did make some changes to the recipe from the way it was printed (it’s a chef’s obligation, what can I say :) The recipe as-is is great but I’ve also listed the changes I made below. But I’m certain that no matter how you choose to make yours it will be delicious!

northern italian beef stew

italian beef stew


  1. says

    Great looking stew! And it’s been years since I’ve made a recipe as-is! Well, except when it comes to baking – but that’s really my wife’s area of expertise. Really good stuff – thanks.

  2. Ashley - baker by nature says

    I love meat and potato based dishes, especially in the dead of winter! I think I could easily polish off a whole pot of this in no time at all!

  3. says

    Kristy, the stew looks so comforting and mouthwatering. We are in the middle of a big snow storm this stew would be perfect tonight. Thanks for sharing the original and your changes to the recipe. Gorgeous photos too!:)

  4. Amy says

    What cut of beef do you use to make this? Oh man 4 to 6 hours to cook this is really long, better for dinner or party.

    • says

      Hi Amy, the recipe calls for either top or bottom round. You’ll typically have a longer cooking time with stews which is important not only to tenderize the meat but also to develop flavor. You’re right, this recipe is definitely better for dinner or a party (but the leftovers will make for killer lunches, too)!

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