caramelized balsamic onion & gruyere flatbread

Make the delicious caramelized onions in advance and you’ll have this easy Caramelized Balsamic Onion & Gruyere Flatbread Pizza on the table in minutes.


Make your caramelized onions up to a week before, buy your favorite store-bought flatbread and some gruyere cheese...dinner is done in 10 minutes. AND it's delicious! | | #flatbread #pizza #dinner

Remember those awesome caramelized balsamic onions we made last week? And remember how I told you we could top just about anything with them?

Here’s one of those anything’s.

You need nothing but flatbread, those yummy onions, some gruyere cheese and a sprinkling of parsley for presentation.

Dinner in less than 10 minutes*.

I’ve been on a flatbread recipe craze lately. I’ve never been much of a pizza-at-home gal but, for some reason, flatbread is different. I like the texture better and the way it bakes more evenly. I’ve made my Cilantro-Lime Chicken Flatbreads with Mango & Roasted Jalapeno over and over – just can’t get enough! Stonefire sent me some of their flatbread to try (I guess my obsession is public knowledge by now) and – omgee – is it yummy. I’m sad because I don’t know if they sell it where I normally shop but I’m going to be on the lookout for some. SIDE NOTE: (Their naan bread was awesome, too. My mom made some shredded beef in gravy which she was going to put over sliced buns. We all decided to try it over the garlic naan…fabulous. Really soft and flavorful. Highly recommend).

So I had this flatbread on hand along with some of those caramelized balsamic onions. Gruyere cheese – which can be pricey – was on sale for dirt cheap…you see where this is going. That evening I brought the onions to room temp while I shredded a few cups of cheese, put it all together and baked for about 10 minutes. And, lordy, was it ever good! I didn’t even make a side (although I did grill up some Grilled Pound Cake Sandwiches for dessert).

*If you make the onions in advance.


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    I love flatbread pizza!! Really, anything that resembles pizza, I love. This really is an excellent way to use those caramelized onions!

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    I agree flatbread is different from pizza. Maybe because it’s easy to buy really good pizza (better than I can make, frankly) but difficult to buy wonderful flatbreads? Whatever, this looks wonderful. Lovely flavors! Thanks so much.

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    That’s my kind of Pizza.
    Perfect combination of fresh, seasonal ingredients and these wonderful, caramelized onions add a great, sweet touch.


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