soft, crusty, buttery bread with blue cheese and bacon tucked into each slice - perfect with a hot soup! |

Bacon and blue cheese is a fantastic flavor combination! Try this bacon and blue cheese bread for a delicious appetizer or as an accompaniment to soup or pasta.

easy chipotle sauce |

easy chipotle sauce recipe

An easy chipotle sauce recipe that can be used on just about everything. Use it as a dip for appetizers or bread, over chicken, even drizzle some on pizza!

Great American Gratitude Awards!

monica, start shopping for that car!!

There were many entries for Chicken of the Sea’s Great American Gratitude Tour and it was incredibly difficult to choose just one winner.

super creamy six-minute hummus

hummus – super creamy in just 6 minutes!

It’s so easy to make a creamy hummus then flavor it however you like. Try this Super Creamy Hummus Recipe that’s made in just 6 minutes!

cilantro lime chicken

cilantro lime chicken

Try this easy recipe for cilantro lime chicken that’s bursting with flavor and can be used in many other recipes, too!

peppers stuffed with lemon quinoa, asparagus, cherry tomatoes & a hidden goat cheese surprise! Good for you and really delicious!

quinoa stuffed peppers {with goat cheese}

These easy and delicious Quinoa Stuffed Peppers with Goat Cheese, Asparagus & Cherry Tomatoes are the perfect recipe for spring, summer or anytime!

chicken chipotle - a quick an easy meal and it's to die for!

a fantastic chicken chipotle recipe

This chicken chipotle recipe is easy and absolutely to die for! Simply toss the sauce ingredients into your blender, pour over the chicken and bake.

quinoa granola - a healthier and less sweet granola that's perfect to enjoy with fresh heart-healthy berries and creamy yogurt!

quinoa granola

This recipe for quinoa granola is perfect with fresh berries and yogurt or milk. An easy, fantastic recipe that will fill you up with a healthy breakfast!

Great American Gratitude Awards!

tell me your story to win $1,000!

Do you like paying-it-forward? Tell me how and you could win the $1,000 prize!

Incredibly edible edamame dip

edamame dip

A recipe for incredibly edible edamame dip from the BLENDER GIRL’s fantastic new cookbook. Smooth and creamy with tons of flavor!

mango, banana & chia seed smoothie | the wicked noodle

mango, banana & chia seed smoothie

This Mango, Banana Chia Seed Smoothie is packed with healthy goodness and it tastes amazing. If you’ve never tried chia seeds this is a great recipe to start with!   Never in a million years would I have put these ingredients together into a chia seed smoothie and thought it would become my new favorite.

chocolate crepe cake

chocolate crepe cake

Isn’t this Chocolate Crepe Cake amazingly gorgeous?? I wish I could take credit for it but it’s actually a winning recipe from IGA’s weekly Easter recipe contest! 

sweet corn cake & chorizo poppers

sweet corn cake & chorizo poppers

Sweet corn has hit stores again! I picked up some Sunshine Sweet Corn yesterday and couldn’t wait to get cooking with it. I adore sweet corn and although I do use fresh and canned occasionally during the winter months in a pinch, there’s just nothing like the flavor and texture of fresh. The first thing… 

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