Peach Mango Lassi

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peach mango lassi

Here we are, at the start of another week! There’s been a lot going on at our house lately – house hunting (not for us – for my parents!), a close friend fell ill, I had recipes deadlines looming and just life in general seemed to be even busier than usual. I’m sorta glad last week is over and we’ve got a fresh start!

This peach mango lassi has been on my mind to make for a couple of weeks and today was the perfect morning for it. Yoplait asked me a while ago if we’d be willing to taste-test their new lactose-free yogurt, which we did, and we loved. We’re big yogurt lovers around here anyway and no one could tell the difference from their “regular” kinds. They’ve been busy over there at Yoplait, creating some really delicious sounding lactose-free recipes. This is one of those recipes and I was asked to test it.

I didn’t make it exactly as listed, in fact my version is really just a smoothie. But wow! What a smoothie! It was completely smooth and had a very creamy texture to it. I really loved it – I would say one of my favorite smoothies ever. I think it must have been the soy milk that gave it the great texture, and if I’m right, then I need to start using soy milk in ALL my smoothies!

mango smoothie

I’m going to share my smoothie version and also Yoplait’s lassi version. Both are lactose-free due to Yoplait’s lactose-free yogurt and the use of soy milk, but you could easily use regular yogurt and milk. I also added a few raspberries for my photo, then tossed in a big handful and mixed them right in. SO delicious and SO good for you!

peach smoothie

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