Pomegranate-Chipotle Black Bean Sliders

pomegranate chipotle black bean burger recipe

There’s a chipotle black bean burger they serve at my gym’s cafe that is to die for. I’ve never been much of a “veggie” burger type, but after trying theirs, I’ve really changed my opinion of the non-burger.

So when POM Wonderful asked if I would create a juice recipe for them using their awesome – and ridiculously healthy – POM juice, I immediately had the urge to try my hand at making my own black bean burger. And I have to say, I’m quite happy with my version! The pomegranate glaze is amazing. Even if you’re not a black bean burger fan, you should at least try making the glaze.

Canned black beans are a pantry staple at our house; I’m never without them. They’re so versatile: soup, salads, appetizers, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, these babies fit in pretty much anywhere. Plus they’re cheap and healthy!

Thanks to POM Wonderful for wanting to work with me again. You guys are all awesome!! :-) Looking for even more POM juice recipes? You can check them out here:



  1. says

    MMMM, I LOVE sliders! We both used Chipotle and POM in our recipes this week – like minds ;)

    I LOVE Black Bean Burgers with some heat – can't wait to try them with that glaze!

  2. says

    Kristy, what fantastic sliders! I bet the flavors are just so wonderful, I'm sure this would convince my carnivorous husband to try a meatless burger :) Awesome recipe!

  3. PommeDG says

    Not a slider, which is made from a small ground beef patty, cooked with onions, but it is a tasty sandwich.

  4. says

    Seems like I was just here, then I saw this recipe of yours mentioned over on cooktraineatrace and had to come back to see your original post about it. I love black bean burgers and I love pomegranate, so this ought to be a natural for me. I haven’t had great luck when I’ve tried to reduce pomegranate juice on the stove. I’ve ended up with a burned flavor, probably either from using too high of a heat or leaving it on too long trying to get a reduction as thick as pomegranate molasses. Last time that happened I figured I would just buy some pomegranate molasses instead, though I never got around to it. Perhaps I should try again, going more for the thin glaze you mention in this recipe.

    • says

      It’s tricky the first few times you do a syrupy reduction like pom molasses or a balsamic glaze. Once you get it right you’ll have a feel for when it’s time to pull it. The best way I can describe it is that you’ll start to see it bubble up a lot and when you tilt the pan it will stick for a second or two on the bottom before it all pools. It thickens and gets syrupy after it’s removed from the heat so it’s really about getting your timing right. If you wait until it’s a syrup in the pan then it will be far too thick and sticky when it cools.

      Hope that helps!

      • says

        Yes, that really does help, thanks for the very detailed description. I can see that I was leaving it on for far too long, I had no idea that it was supposed to thicken after I took it off the heat. Well, if I could train myself to take a custard (for ice cream) off the stove sooner, I suppose I can learn this too.


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