Pomegranate-Chipotle Black Bean Sliders

pomegranate chipotle black bean burger recipe

There’s a chipotle black bean burger they serve at my gym’s cafe that is to die for. I’ve never been much of a “veggie” burger type, but after trying theirs, I’ve really changed my opinion of the non-burger.

So when POM Wonderful asked if I would create a juice recipe for them using their awesome – and ridiculously healthy – POM juice, I immediately had the urge to try my hand at making my own black bean burger. And I have to say, I’m quite happy with my version! The pomegranate glaze is amazing. Even if you’re not a black bean burger fan, you should at least try making the glaze.

Canned black beans are a pantry staple at our house; I’m never without them. They’re so versatile: soup, salads, appetizers, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, these babies fit in pretty much anywhere. Plus they’re cheap and healthy!

Thanks to POM Wonderful for wanting to work with me again. You guys are all awesome!! :-) Looking for even more POM juice recipes? You can check them out here: