pumpkin bread with a streusel swirl

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pumpkin bread

Happy Halloween!

We still have a tiny bit of snow left on the ground after our rare October snowstorm over the weekend. I’ll admit I wasn’t quite ready for it but my love for cozy snow days took over and I went into cooking & baking mode. I already had recipe testing on the schedule for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, but then my Pinterest obsession took over and I added this pumpkin bread, homemade creme fraiche, a pork crown roast, cheesy baked grits and a delicious breakfast dish for the next morning. Whew! A lot of cooking, baking and eating going on here! It was so relaxing to stay in our pajamas all day and just kick it.

I’ll share all the other recipes with you in the next week or two, but in the meantime here’s the pumpkin bread! It was an impromptu idea to use mini-bundt pans and stir the streusel in versus putting it on the top; feel free to do whichever strikes your fancy! We enjoyed ours by the slice and also for dessert with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Fun tool discovery: the OXO egg beater Verdict ——–> I love it! When I first received it (OXO sent this to me as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program) I sorta thought “Neat but do I really need this?” I used it a couple of times to beat eggs and it does work much quicker to get them foamy. Still, I thought it was a nice tool for free but doubtful I’d buy it over something else. Until I made this pumpkin bread. It worked so well to mix together my wet ingredients (instead of having to lug out my Kitchenaid stand mixer just for this quick recipe)! Y’know how there are times that you know that mixing by hand won’t really cut it but using your stand mixer seems like just too much effort for what it’s worth? That’s what this tool is perfect for. And once I discovered this I was giddy. I know…it’s the little things ;-)