pumpkin coconut curry with chicken

pumpkin curry

The moment I heard the can of pumpkin puree hit my cart, I knew that my transition to fall was complete. I’ve been waffling (although who can blame me? the weather around here has been all over the map), telling myself one moment that I really will swing into Starbucks for that pumpkin latte today only to find myself with yet another home-brewed iced coffee in hand.

But once I begin churning out pumpkin recipes – pumpkin breads, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin gooey butter cakes – even I know there’s no turning back. What else is a girl to do other than celebrate?

So we invited a few people over to ring in fall properly. It was a casual thing, nothing about it was fancy – in fact we made it “serve yourself and meet us on the deck” casual. A bowl of pumpkin curry, a few beers and an extra sweater later, we lit a fire and enjoyed the cool fall air.

I chose this pumpkin curry recipe because it’s great for a crowd and, unlike many curries, there’s no spice to it. While I typically prefer spicy curries, I enjoy the pumpkin flavors here. It comes together quickly and reheats really well; it’s one of those dishes that actually tastes better the longer it sits. I made the curry the day before so all I had to do was make the rice and dinner was served!

{If you’re the freeze-your-meals type, this is a great one to add to your monthly meal plan.}

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