quick and easy sausage gravy

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sausage gravy

Everyone should have some go-to breakfast recipes to whip out when you need them. I love it when friends and family come to stay and we all sit around for hours the next morning, drinking coffee, having a fire if the season is right, and – of course – talking around the table with a nice, big breakfast.

At  times like this, I’ll occasionally have the forethought to prepare a breakfast casserole the night before. It’s so  great to wake up, grab my coffee and sit down to relax, knowing that breakfast is already taken care of. But most of the time I’m so focused on food for the night before that any meal past that slips my mind. And it’s those times that I like to have an easy recipe like this one at the ready.

This gravy is not your old-fashioned-the-way-your-grandmother-cooked-it kind. This is a fast, easy yet still delicious version that’s more for when you want need a hearty breakfast but don’t want to spend the entire morning in the kitchen. For biscuits, I suggest using your own favorite biscuit recipe, try this one or just buy some ready-made buttermilk biscuits that you can just toss in the oven. But do make sure you use a good quality biscuit – the bread is always the most important part of the sandwich, just as the gravy is only as good as the biscuit you use.

To make this dish lactose-free, simply swap out the milk for some that’s lactose-free! And for more great recipes that are lactose-free, check out one of my favorite websites, Moovision! They have many recipes, videos and great information on cooking with lactose-free milk.

Have a great week!