Rice Krispies Cupcakes

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rice krispies treats

Aren’t they cute?! I just love these little cupcakes. I want to pinch their little marshmallow-flavored cheeks!

These are for those times when you need to bring a special treat somewhere but time is short, or when you just want something easy and fun. I made them last week for my first meeting as a Daisy Scout leader. I couldn’t help myself – the anticipation of seeing all those little girls eyes widen was too fun to resist. And the collective “oooooohhhh” didn’t hurt either. This would be a great recipe for kids to try making themselves, too.

I used a mini-muffin tin to make 24 minis and had enough of the rice krispies mixture to make 4 regular sized ones, too. I liked the bigger ones, but the minis took the prize for cuteness overload. And sprinkles would really put them over the top! You could also color the marshmallow mixture before you mix it with the rice krispies, then make your frosting another color. Pink and red for Valentine’s Day, your team colors for the Super Bowl, red and green for Christmas, etc. Red or blue for the base, white frosting and red & blue sprinkles would be SO CUTE for the 4th of July!

To color the frosting, I took some tips from a video I came across on YouTube. Although, take my word for it and don’t do what I did:

frostingIn other words, when she holds the saran wrap and makes it look so easy to twist the ends? Well, it is easy but mine split and send the frosting flying. The second time I just sort of rolled it carefully on the counter and it worked like a charm. But you might be less frosting-challenged than I clearly am, so I say give it your best shot!

rice krispies

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