rice krispies peeps easter cake

rice krispies peeps easter cake

This cute little Peeps easter cake is so much fun to make!

The girls and I made it this afternoon after a morning of cleaning and doing chores. They both worked really hard – Katie earned $7 and Kylie earned $8. Their weekly allowance is $5 for assigned chores but I always give them the opportunity to earn more if they want to do a few extras. Today was one of those great days when no one complained, everyone worked hard and worked together and we ended all that work by doing something fun together. Enter this fun Easter cake!

It’s sort of a combination between these Rice Krispies cupcakes and these Easter Cupcakes we’ve made the past few years. Easter candy makes it so easy to embellish baked goods and just have fun – it’s one of my favorite holidays for baking.

rice krispies peeps easter cake

We decided we wanted two layers for our easter cake (yes, there are two layers even though it’s difficult to see both in the photos; the “grass” hides the bottom layer). We did four colors – yellow, green, blue and pink – each layer with a block of each color, with the second layer alternating colors so it’s sort of color-blocked. It looks really pretty when cut into. We used melted semi-sweet chocolate both between the two layers and between each colored “block” so that it would all hold together well.

We also added melted chocolate to the very top of the easter cake so the grass would adhere. Kylie commented that it looks like dirt under the grass – I agree! The girls placed eggs around the cake and we added peeps to the top – the peeps bunny was the final touch.

rice krispies peeps easter cake

But an Easter cake just wasn’t enough – we decided make some cute Easter nests, too! We made them much larger than most other recipes because we wanted to fit grass, a few eggs AND a peeps chick sitting on top taking care of its eggs. I think making those might have been even more fun than the Easter cake. Maybe.

rice krispies easter nests - a chick sitting on easter eggs :)

See below for instructions on how to put them all together. It’s super easy and the kids can do almost all of the steps themselves. A perfectly fun and delicious Easter dessert!

rice krispies easter nests


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