roasted jalapeno hummus

This healthy Roasted Jalapeno Hummus takes minutes to make and is absolutely delicious. Roasting the jalapenos makes it something special!

roasted jalapeno hummus |

Three days. Just three days until Cinco de Mayo, one of my favorite holidays.  

I’m gonna be a margarita drinkin’, jalapeno hummus eatin’ fool. Plans have already been made – I’m heading with friends down to Uncle Julio’s, a fantastic Mexican restaurant here in Northern VA. They’re a slightly upscale Mexican restaurant with an outdoor patio (although I love the dives, too; they often have the best food) . We’ll be getting there early enough to enjoy some sun along with those margaritas and great food. Then we’ll all head back here where I’ll have some Roasted Jalapeno Hummus ready along with a pitcher of pomegranate margaritas!

In the meantime, I’ve been cooking up some other recipes to get ready for Cinco de Mayo. Between these flatbreads, this chicken chipotle dish and these sweet corn cake & chorizo poppers, I’ve been cooking up my share of the spicy stuff lately. But I love it and I don’t intend to slow down even a little bit. Enter this roasted jalapeno hummus.

Roasting jalapenos is something I do a lot of when coming up with a mexican dish. I love the raw, fresh jalapeno and in many recipes it’s perfect that way. But roasting it mellows the flavor slightly while deepening it at the same time. And they really make this jalapeno hummus something special.

roasted jalapenos

If you’ve read this blog at all this year, you’ll already know how I’m going to make this roasted jalapeno hummus. Yep, you guessed it correctly…in my Vitamix. It makes the creamiest hummus I’ve ever tasted, just wonderful. It’s why I’m now so addicted to hummus lately and why I can’t stop coming up with new recipes – it’s just that good! But I won’t bore with more about it now. (If you’re curious to know a few more reasons why I love it, check out my Super Creamy 6-minute Hummus recipe where I talk about it in more detail).

This roasted jalapeno hummus is one you don’t want to miss. And I quote, “This is my favorite hummus that you’ve ever made. I mean, I love the roasted red pepper, that’s really good, but this jalapeno hummus is definitely my favorite.” I have to say that I agree.

roasted jalapeno hummus |


  1. Joanne Z. says

    This looks wonderful! In your list of ingredients, do you mean “2 cans of chickpeas” instead of “hummus”?


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