shredded pork tacos with avocado, quick pickled onions and queso fresco


easy pork tacos

A good taco doesn’t need more than three or four ingredients to knock your socks off. Start with tender, flavorful meat, add a few well-chosen toppings and maybe a cold beer and you’re done. Cielo.

Earlier this week we talked about the pork on sale at Costco. {We also gave away $50 in Costco Cash…congrats Jessie C!} I may have mentioned that I bought a gorgeous pork roast for not much more than the cost of a burger in a diner. And so…I made pork tacos.

The first step was braising the meat. There aren’t many steps to braising but you do need a good 3-4 hours to let the meat get fall-apart tender. Put a large dutch oven over a high heat, add some oil and, once it starts smoking, put in the meat, then leave it alone. You want it to get nice and browned – this is what adds flavor to the roast and will make your tacos very, very tasty.

Toss in some onions, garlic & a couple of seasonings, add some beer, chicken stock & chipotle peppers and put the whole thing in the oven. Let it do it’s thing for 3 hours or so…and when you pull it out of the oven you’ll have the most tender pork you’ve ever had. And it’ll taste like you just landed in Mexico. And your house will smell like it, too!

I love cooking with PORK. It’s the other white meat, after all {wasn’t that the most clever marketing campaign ever?}. But seriously, it’s good for you and so versatile. I love cooking a crown roast for the holidays – so gorgeous!

easy pork tacos

But it’s not the holidays yet – thank goodness. {Man, they’ll be here before we know it!} So for now, I leave you with these yummy pork tacos. Crown roast post coming in approximately 10 weeks :-)


  1. says

    Yep. I made the pork loin, then I made pulled pork, and last night I made my baby back ribs on the grill. Love, love, love PORK…amen.

  2. Smitten Foodie says

    You had me at pickled onions….Yum! These sound amazing and perfect for a lazy Sunday =)

    Take care

  3. says

    Nice, simple recipe! I love it. Proof that less really is more. Pork is so versatile – you can do all sorts of things with it that don’t work as well with beef. This recipe showcases pork so well. Thanks for this.

  4. says

    Thank you for making something from someplace that’s warm, and exotic! (So many autumn-themed recipes floating around. Everywhere.) When I’m married (someday), I will have a lover and we will meet in Mexico, and he will make me these tacos.

    • says

      I hear you! I hadn’t even thought of that but, you’re right, there’s pumpkin everywhere! Which makes sense, of course (and the link to your pumpkin cinnamon rolls has me drooling), but it does get tiring if you follow a ton of food blogs. And pinterest. And everywhere else :-)

  5. says

    Looks like a wonderful hearty and tasty Tacco to me.
    If I look at your pictures I can nearly smell the pork roasting in the oven with all this aromatic spices.


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