smoked paprika roast chicken – day two

…smoked paprika roast chicken SOUP!!  I know, I know, all that build up just for soup?  And chicken soup at that?dscn5062
But here’s the reason I love this recipe so much.  The day-one chicken is easy to make and easy to eat, so I’m already feeling ahead of the game.  We had half the chicken left, so I just put it right back into the crockpot with all the juices, and back into the fridge it went until the next day.
The next afternoon I just threw in some carrots, celery and a few chopped potatoes, along with a bay leaf and some parsley.  I added enough water to cover it all, then turned it on low and walked away…again!  About an hour before we were ready to eat, I removed all the bones, threw in some egg noodles, and voila!  A super delicious chicken noodle soup with added flavor from the spice mixture we used the day before – one of the best chicken noodle soups I’ve ever had.  Yum!!
We’re actually still eating the leftovers from the soup two days later.  The broth was soaked up by the noodles which made it turn into a sort of juicy casserole, which we enjoyed even more than the soup itself.  Just add a nice crusty bread and you’re set!


  1. says

    Great idea and great way to make a chicken last for so many meals … and with such little time put in it with the help of the crockpot! Yum!

  2. Karen Felstein says

    Loved the chicken in the crockpot recipe. Tried it last night and it was delicious. Now onward to trying the soup! Keep these wonderful, easy and delicious recipes coming!

    I thought about doing this same type of recipe with a chicken, lemons and lemon zest, onions…..what to you think? Maybe add rosemary? What are your suggestions?

  3. says

    Karen, I think those ingredients sound great together! I love citrus on chicken. Rosemary would be great, or maybe a little honey if you were in the mood for something sweeter that night. Or thyme – but to me, the rosemary sounds the best! I'm so glad you liked the original recipe, too!

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