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Yesterday was an awesome day. The weather was beautiful, we got a lot done around the house and my parents came over to watch the Packer game. They don’t have television yet and my dad really wanted to catch the game. What a great opportunity to debut my first snackadium!

{I still have to pinch myself that my parents can just drive over. No planes and no trains…just an automobile and about 30 minutes. It’s so awesome!}

I had three major goals in mind when constructing our snackadium:

  1. Make it just a smidge more upscale than what’s typical while still keeping the snacks football-appropriate
  2. Include the kids with production and assembly
  3. Keep the amount of food to a reasonable amount since we were just 4 adults & 2 kids (this also gives anyone a reason to throw a snackadium together anytime, not just when they’re having a big party!)

This challenge came from Pillsbury who had their own criteria:

  1. Incorporate their pizza dough
  2. Incorporate their crescent roll dough

So…keeping all of those things in mind, I came up with our perfect snackadium! It might not be the biggest or even the prettiest snackadium ever created, but I guarantee that we had the most fun making it!

One of the best things about serving a snackadium instead of the same snacks served the traditional way (in this case, 8 bowls and two platters)? Little to no cleanup. When the food is gone just throw the whole thing away! (Or, better yet, keep it for your next snackadium :)

Here are the goodies we used:


From the top:

  1. Crackers – for snacking and to go with the cheese
  2. Goldfish – as requested by the smaller ones living in our house
  3. pomegranate arils – because they’re sooo good for you, they’re in season and they’re fun to eat
  4. grapes – good for you and they go great with cheese
  5. mexican chicken pizza with avocado sauce – all of the snackdiums I’ve seen use either guacamole for the center or a combination of guacamole with other dips. I wanted our snackadium to include our dinner as well – and since pizza also makes a good snack, it was the perfect center! I just made a quick avocado sauce (made in advance to make assembly time easier) and spread it over the top. I let the girls pipe on the sour cream yard lines.
  6. kettle corn – because you’ve gotta have a few snacks just for the sake of having snacks. It is a snackadium after all.
  7. chips! – refer to #6.
  8. cheese galore – cheddar, brie, muenster & jarlsberg. {cheese = happiness}
  9. bite-sized shrimp & bacon sammies on mini crescent rolls – these were my favorite part! I really wanted to separate the seating sections with sandwiches but we just didn’t have enough people to justify making 30 regular sized sandwiches (although how perfect would that be for a crowd of around 30?!). Since crescent rolls make for some killer sandwiches, I decided to cut the Pillsbury crescent roll dough into four pieces, making four mini rolls instead of one large. Shrimp seemed more upscale than just ham or turkey and adding bacon was pretty much mandatory for something football related. So my little bite-sized sandwiches were born! {Full recipe and step-by-step photos can be found here}
  10. it’s not labeled in the photo but I made some breadsticks with a second tube of Pillsbury pizza dough. They were a great way to “close” the sections!

So how did we put it all together?

snackadium assembly

snackadium assembly

snackadiym assembly

snackadium assembly

Have you ever made a snackadium? What did you put on yours? And if you haven’t made one, what do you think would make the perfect snacks for one?

I have partnered with Pillsbury through DailyBuzz to help promote their Crescent Roll and Pizza Crust products. I have been compensated for my time commitment to work with this product. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. Thank you Pillsbury for this awesome opportunity to create a Snackadium!


  1. says

    Football was invented for food trays like this, not the other way around ;-) How completely awesome! And also? YAY on your parents being able to drive over :D

  2. Stephanie-Oh says

    Wow! What fun! Wonderful idea for when my three grandchildren come up! It’s a project they can help eat and help create while their Dad and Grandpa watch the games. The nicest part is pre-made pizza dough and crescent rolls to make grandma work much easier. Thanks so much for the wonderful ideas.

  3. says

    Brilliant! I don’t know the first thing about football but I’d definitely want to be sitting with the kettle corn! (Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by chips and goldfish?)

  4. Donna Lavold says

    Hi Kristy, This sounds good and I’m sure your folks enjoyed it! Your girls are SO cute and the oldest one appears to be your clone. :-) Talked to your mom yesterday and it sounds like they have been working like crazy. I’ll bet she has it really cozy already. Hugs, Donna

    • says

      Hi Donna! My folks LOVED it, it was so much fun! We all had such a great time. Too bad the Packers didn’t make it to the Super Bowl but maybe next year. My folks have done such a fabulous job with their house, it’s really quite impressive. Hopefully you’ll make it out here to see her sometime soon, would so love to see you! Cheers, Kristy

  5. says

    This is the coolest thing we’ve ever seen! We love the festive snackadium made of cheese, snacks and fruits! For the perfect snackadium, try Sargento Cheese Snacks – they come in small cubes or easy strips for optimal snackadium creation! If not, they’re perfect for the kids’ snacks! They come in a variety of delicious flavors.


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