strawberry scones with lemon glaze

strawberry scones with lemon glaze

Two days ago I witnessed a young boy as he was pulled, completely limp, from a pool. They laid him on the concrete and we all watched, horrified, while the lifeguard began CPR. It was one of the worst moments I’ve ever experienced.

I spent the rest of that day alternating between tears and hugging my girls, and often both. I couldn’t get the image out of my mind, and the thought that it could have been anyone’s child – it could have been my child – was just too much to bear.

Rumor has it that the boy survived although I haven’t heard if that means that he will recover fully or suffer any long-term damage. He was so young – I would guess around 4 or 5 years – and it breaks my heart to think he may not recover fully.

So how’s that for a happy intro? I almost didn’t mention it but I felt it was worth it, if only to serve as a reminder for all of us that pools can be dangerous and we have to watch our children closely every second.

Sorry for the downer. You came here looking for bright, colorful, happy strawberry scones and I bombed you with a sad story. Let’s move on to happier topics…like Father’s Day coming up this weekend!

These yummy strawberry scones are a great choice for Father’s Day. Sure, they’re a little foofy, but slap some bacon and eggs next to them and he’ll never notice. Plus, once he tastes them he’ll just be happy you love him enough to make them for him.

These scones are soft with a tender crumb, not too sweet with a wonderful strawberry flavor. Don’t skip the glaze as they won’t be sweet enough without it. With strawberries in season, now is definitely the best time to make them!

strawberry scones

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