Sweet Potato-Chicken Hash and Poached Eggs with Green Chile Hollandaise

sweet potato chicken hash and poached eggs with green chile hollandaise

Yeah, just try to say the name of this dish five times fast!

I’m a big breakfast fan – meaning that I’m a fan of big breakfasts. My typical breakfast is a few cups of coffee and granola, yogurt or both, but nothing is better than a nice plateful of eggs, bacon, pancakes…ahhhh, I wish I could eat that way every day! Hash of any kind is one of my favorites. I spent two weeks in the early ’90’s camping from Seattle down to SoCal, and canned hash with eggs was one of the staples on that trip. Thankfully I’ve learned how to make “real” hash since then, and this version is one of the BEST I’ve ever tried!

I wish I could take credit for this recipe, but something this good just had to be created by a professional – in this case, none other than my favorite Bobby Flay. It’s admittedly a bit more work than I usually like to put into breakfast, but I assure you it’s absolutely worth it! It’s also a great dish when you’re in the mood for “breakfast for dinner” (don’cha just love those nights?).


If you’d like to try it Bobby’s way, check out the original recipe here.