Every time I make tabbouleh I wonder why I don’t do it more often. The flavors are so fresh and there’s so much nutrition packed in each bite. It keeps for days and makes a great light lunch.

Typically tabbouleh will have more parsley than any other ingredient. I like those versions but I like more vegetables and other goodies as the main ingredients for my salads. Even with “regular” salads I’m always piling more of everything except the lettuce. In this case, the bulgur wheat starts as the main ingredient but by the time I’m done with it my star is usually tomatoes and cucumbers.

I threw this together to go with the Greek Chicken Pitas with Tzatziki & Feta I made over the weekend. The two dishes together make for a powerhouse of nutrition (especially if you forgo the pita or swap it for whole wheat) as well as a delicious and easy meal. The recipe makes a lot so be prepared for leftovers!

tabbouleh salad

PS. Our sweet Katie lost a tooth! She’s been waiting and waiting (“Now that I’m six all my teeth should definitely be getting looser!) and it finally happened. She wrenched that thing out as soon as their was a hint that it might be loose :-)

tooth fairy